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Interdisciplinary Design

Interdisciplinary Design


Helping Individuals & teams leverage new and innovative ways of working together

In order to foster creativity and innovation within an organization, it’s increasingly ever important to break down silos, create connections, and build empathy between employees in different roles, job functions and teams. And, one of the ways of doing that is by giving them the tools and mindsets of design.

While traditionally, we think of interdisciplinary design as a career path that bridges different disciplines within design, it can also be bridging design with other fields of study. 

Ultimately, it’s a really powerful way of bringing people from different backgrounds together to solve challenges.

In these sessions, I use multiple tools to help participants understand how to approach a challenge. I pull in tools from their area of expertise, tools they’re probably familiar with; tools from design; and tools from creative practices, such as art and mindfulness.

Individuals and organizations who are interested in Interdisciplinary Design are ones who are open to exploration and learning through other creative practices. 

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