The art of learning

Learning Design

Designing learning environments that inspire and engage.

Learning Design



Teaching a new skill, tool or way of working is more than just knowing and delivering the content, it’s about curating the optimal learning experience for the participants in the room.

Whether an in-office workshop, a University class or a new exhibit at a museum, cultivating an environment where participants can be open to new perspectives requires various considerations—from the physical space and the right content to participant learning styles and the diversity, equity, and inclusion in the room.

As a Learning Designer, my job is to take into account all those considerations and create a personalized, flexible learning experience for you and your team.

Referencing both my experience in facilitation and training for leading organizations like Google and my professional experience in poetry and art, I take a very human-centered, creative approach to the learnings I design. The programs and curriculums (both in-person and digitally) that I design aim to get participants to realize their own potential, often doing so by blurring the lines between the traditional roles of “front of room educator” and “in your seat participant.”

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Learning Design Topics: Facilitation, Human Centered Design, Strategic Design and Management, Design Research, Social Presencing

Past Learning Design Projects Have Included: Capital One, Carnegie Hall, New Lab, Parsons School of Design