What I do: 

Offering a supportive and nonjudgmental space for personal development. 

Drawing on the arts, contemplative traditions, tools, theories and technologies that accelerate our capabilities I offer experiential learning experiences for the individual, the group and the organization. To find out more email me here

Clients Include:

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What People Are Saying

"I truly learned more about myself than I could’ve ever expected from walking into an event that was simply supposed to help me find my “resume strengths.”

Erynn Hughes


"My team and I worked with Kiely to create a design thinking workshop for attendees to exercise skills in problem solving and communication. Kiely managed our expectations seamlessly,  showed great leadership while also being sensitive to our goals and making sure the event was on track. I look forward to an opportunity to work with Kiely again."

Lee Anderson:  Founder/ Designer of ‎PioneerMode